The story behind our tours

Dubrovnik Food Tours was started in 2012 with our passion for food and traveling. Having experienced fabulous food tours in other cities, we wanted to help people fall in love with our own town. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, our roots have always been planted into Mediterranean, its food, history and culture. Food Tasting and Cultural was our first tour offered back in days. Today, we are sharing our love for the unique cuisine, supporting local businesses and creating ultimate food and cultural experiences. Being a tourist guide in Dubrovnik means many things, but the obvious one stands out – you get to meet hundreds of people annually. You can only imagine how many people we have met during the last 10 years!  If we could single out the most asked question we received, without a doubt it would be – Where can we eat? Which restaurant could you recommend to us?

Showcasing the taste and sights

Luckily, Dubrovnik has many fabulous restaurants worth your time, visit and money. This is where we step in – we’ll present you to the finest food varieties in  Dubrovnik, pair it with magnificent wine that tastes like poetry and sweeten it all up with desserts. Our events are locally run and managed, developed in cooperation with local foodies, chefs, and guides to ensure some of the best possible food and cultural experiences available in the city.

Meet Our Team!

He founded the company in 2012. Born within the city walls, he has been sharing his passion of Dubrovnik as a tour guide for the past 13 yrs, He enjoyed his first food tour in Barcelona. Wanting to share a similar experience closer to home, he could think of no better place to offer a variety of flavors than Dubrovnik.
  • Best local bite: Restaurant Glorijet
  • Favorite cafe: Lacroma Bar
TeaDubrovnik & Food Ambassador
Tea was born within the walls of the Old City of Dubrovnik – and it has been her playground ever since. She has a small art gallery and has written a book about Dubrovnik, published in 17 languages. She has a particular interest, and talent, for both the local tradtions and the current practice of cookery!
  •  Best local bite: Her summer house
  • Favorite cafe: anywhere with Steve
ViliFood Ambassador
Born and raised in Old Town, Vili has been guding for the past 10 years.
Being a tour guide affords him the opportunity to bring his love of food and Dubrovnik together. He has a passion for making the world a smaller place by connecting people to community through stories, culture and food!
  • Best local bite: Castro
  • Favorite cafe: Glam Cafe
MarinaFood & Hisotry Ambassador
Born and raised in Dubrovnik. Emotionally to its history and culture and tradition, for her family roots originate several centuries ago in this area. Most of her family have been, in private or professionally, skillful cooks, so she is accustomed to a good bite and appreciates it. Marina composes an interesting mosaic of historical data,various art details and rich flavors of Mediterranean food.

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<li><i class=”fa-li fas fa-utensils”> </i><span style=”font-family: Lato, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;”>Best local bite: At sister’s home</span></li>
<li><i class=”fa-li fa fa-coffee”></i><span style=”font-family: Lato, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;”>Favorite cafe: Pupica</span></li>

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