Dubrovnik Farmers Market

Dubrovnik Farmers Market, situated in the Old Town at Gundulic square,  fills with all kind of vegetables, fresh fruits. home made cheese and milk. Government  regulations on the Sale of Food from 1870 determined that Gundulic Square was to be the only place available for the sale of products brought by women from the surrounding villages. It was forbidden to sell unripe fruit,damaged or unhealthy products. Soon after,market was extended to the nearby square,known as Bunic Square, where Italians from Apulia were selling lemmons, walnuts,almonds,dates,carobs,dried figs,raisins ans sugared orange pill sweets.  Do not miss local honey or ask one of the local sellers to taste homemade sweets such as orange and lemon  peels, dry figs, sweet almonds or gingerbread. In September and October, market fills with a local grape from Konavle Valley. Market operates from 8.00 am  to  1.00 pm every day except Sunday